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I know what bugged me - it's like the filmmakers thought that kids who behaved this way had to be ugly and coarse. No genuinely pretty, cool 14 year old girl who did these things could be actually charming and likable.While the actress (who is closing in on 30 and doesn't really look like a transvestite) that plays Krista, is quite likable, there is nothing likable about the way she played that character.She's a tough,nasty child, with no personal charm and the demeanor of a stripper who hands out lap dances to her landlord when she's late on rent.I just don't buy that girl as a very privileged 14 year old.June is Pride Month, and in the sports world, the Los Angeles Dodgers are celebrating it better than anyone — from their Twitter avatar to their support of all fans.

"We share the outrage that sexual assault victims and their families feel. After being named a freshman All-American last week, Georgia shortstop Cam Shepherd continues to receive good news.C., at the team's complex before the its first games are played starting on June 20.The report comes just as the sport is ready to showcase its most talented athletes on sport’s biggest stage.“We try to keep the kids away from that right now for this moment,” Mihai Brestyan, the U. women’s Olympic team assistant coach said after the team’s first training session in the Rio Olympic arena.“We have concerns but we are here to do the best we can.

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I really, really check every single coach who comes to my gym.

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