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) (PPS: Randomly enough, I also had dinner with a journalist from Kiplinger magazine while there too, haha… (he’s better now) (FYI: Listen Money took home the award for the other category we were a finalist in – “Best New Blog” – which they definitely deserve, and then Mr. (Speaking of “owing beers” – you know how people always say they owe you one but of course it never comes to fruition?Who would have guessed years ago that legit financial magazines would be hanging out with crazy financial bloggers? Money Mustache won “Blog of The Year” and we all celebrated on the dance floor afterwards ;) Who knew he could break it down so well? In the middle of that same awards ceremony my phone was also going off for another reason: mysterious charges were showing up on my card and the quick-witted USAA was notifying me of it. Which means I now know where all my cards are linked up to so it’s just a matter of swapping out the info as soon as my new card comes in – woo! Well, I blame part of the reason of my anti-sobriety this weekend to my fellow bloggers who actually followed through and reminded me of these beers I needed to cash in – so thanks, guys :) My favorite was the one I got at the Carousel Bar– pictured above and my new favorite bar because it spins while you sit!If a girl likes you, she will always make time to be around you.b.) Another way to tell that a girl doesn’t like you is if she continually mentions her boyfriend.

I tend to keep my banking super simple with as few accounts as possible, but the downsides are you miss nifty little tricks like this one…

Most guys have a really hard time knowing if a girl likes them… Since most guys don’t are sure not sure of what flirting signs to look for, they have no way of really knowing how interested or attracted a girl is in them.

Additional article: Let’s take the time right now to really break down what flirting signs a woman will give you that she likes you… We’ll also break down the manor indicators of interest (IOIs) and indicators of disinterest.

After spending her primary years educating and constantly pushing herself for more, Andrea left her stable job with the European Commission to live her childhood dream of working in the hairdressing industry.

She is now the owner of the number one prestige hairdressing chain in Europe, Jean Louis David.

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These are often referred to as indicators of disinterest. These are often referred to as indicators of interest (IOIs).