Dating scammer emmanuel mensah

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Dating scammer emmanuel mensah

Then came the requests for transport, school fees, rent, doctors’ bills, and funeral bills –all within a few months.

Needless to say, the Nigerian uses a false identity and the commission fee is lost for ever.

Luckily, he didn’t win but is now back online looking for his next catch. Frank is well known for providing ‘services’, usually for visitors to Ghana.

He has a price list for what he offers and many people have paid and gone away satisfied.

In fact, he has treated some visitors so well that he his public image is of someone honest and reliable.

His charm and confidence have won him many friends.least to those that have not seen his other side!

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Revealing the modus operandi of the suspects, he said DSP Basintale and his gang have been selling gold bars to prospective buyers, only to return and arrest the buyers after payment has been made.