Delonte west and lebrons mother dating

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Delonte west and lebrons mother dating

Inside the oval, it says: Never Broke Again Mo was a late second-round draft pick in 2003, taken by the Utah Jazz after two years playing college ball at Alabama.The Cavs got him in a three-team deal in 2008, in yet another attempt to find a guy who could take some of the scoring pressure off Le they had a falling out -- and now, the beef has spilled over to social media. "The last time this clown [Flo Rida] had a lil swagger in him is when I was on the label and he was stealing my sh*t," Lambo said. he also said Flo is a "clown" who "can't dress" -- and to make his point, he posted this pic (see below). Delonte West, the mercurial basketball player who once played alongside Le Bron James, took shots at his former teammate via Instagram in recent days.West, who last played in the NBA’s D-Leauge, apparently has bad blood with the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and even placed James’ mother in the path of the jab.

Coupled with the fact that in 2009 West was arrested for carrying a mercenary’s haul of high-powered weapons near his Prince George’s County home, West found himself slowly pushed out of the league possibly over his antics.Date: 5/14/2010Former NBA player and broadcaster Calvin Murphy said he had sources that confirmed Delonte West's affair with Gloria James.Delonte never spoke publicly about the allegation, and it seems far-fetched—but after seeing the other fuckery on this list, would you put it past dude? and he says that is the reason he didn't name his son after him. back in 2010, in the middle of the NBA playoffs, a rumor emerged saying that Delonte had sex with Le Bron James' mother Gloria.There was never any proof, but Le Bron played so poorly once the rumor came to light ... In an interview with Vice Sports, West says avoided naming his son after him because he didn't want him to be tagged with the Le Bron rumor all his life.

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  1. "They met at a business here in Moore, drove around in Oklahoma City, made a few stops, ended up late that night at a park here in Moore, Buck Thomas Park, where she performed oral sex on the 17-year-old," said Moore police Sgt. Police said it happened in the back of Mayfield's car in the parking lot.