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:) ------------------------------------------------------ "Have fun," their mom shouted. As soon as they turned the corner his sister punched him in the arm. " She pushed her bottom lip out into a pout, her sparkly green eyes wide open and her face split in a giant grin, and she was curling her hair around her finger. He loved his sister but sometimes she could be a right pain in the arse.

"Be nice to your sister, Tom." Tom grinned and waved goodbye to his mom as he walked down the footpath. Cindy, his sister, quickened her pace to catch up and they walked to school with Cindy giggling along the way.

She couldn't help it, she loved to tease her twin, he was so tense all the time, she'd told him repeatedly to relax.

Today was the day they were off to camp, 5 days of fun at Crystal Lake.

Tom wasn't the most popular guy in school, but he wasn't a nerd and he had a few close friends. There was John, who was at least a head taller than anyone else in the group, and very skinny. "Great weather, chicks in bikinis, the possibilities are endless." The group sniggered, it wasn't likely they'd get any action. He was always being ribbed about how hot his sister was.

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The Grass Shack was the predecessor of the legendary Kahiki, and for an hilarious tale of the transition twixt the two, read this, where I got that pic. Surfer girls were particularly popular, especially in bar located in casinos. And it is practically required for Scorpion Bowls to be covered in little wahines.

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