Manx dating

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Manx dating

Evidence of bronze age activity was discovered at Ballaugh and objects found near to Laxey suggest that the smelting and fusing of two metals may have occurred as early as 1700 BC, but in 1992 two stone mauls were recovered from South Bradda by Terry Worthington whilst on a visit to the site by the mines group.

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It has often been said that a mine is a hole in the ground with a Cornishman at the bottom, and so true a saying, for Cornwall, being the very heart of mining world wide today, eventually brought many miners to the Isle of Man in the 1800's to seek and remove the riches from the ground.

The earliest records show that man was extracting metal from the ground as long as 3000 years ago on many prehistoric sites around the world using the simplest of tools such as the antlers from a deer to stone hammers.

Tin would have to have been imported on the trading routes between England and Ireland.

Mining in the Foxdale district didnt really take off until the early 1700's but in the mid 1800's the mine employed 250 men underground.

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The Manx system is based on a Registry of Deeds, although a system of land registration is now being set up.

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