Rain and hyori dating

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Rain and hyori dating

My friend Benedict from way back in college – the only male in our group of 11 – suddenly called me up after missing in action for about a decade or so.

He said he was browsing through his phone book and saw my number, so he tried calling it up just to check if it’s still active.

Ever since they publicly confirmed their relationship, Kai and Krystal have been considered as one of the power couples in the K-Pop industry.(My Lovable Girl) and its all sorts of inoffensive and pretty.Nothing that hooks me to watch the teaser more than once but also no glaring worrisome elements anywhere in sight.Both idols hail from SM Entertainment and are constantly complimented for their natural good looks and impeccable sense of style.Because the couple keeps their relationship private, there have been instances when they were rumored to have broken up.

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If the predominately idol cast can’t cut it, at least we know there is an adorable Golden Retriever around to steal scenes.