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Sex dating in tombstone arizona

Seeking to avenge his brother's murder, Wyatt returns to Tombstone.To identify the perpetrator, he takes the open position of town marshal and meets with Doc Holliday and the Clanton gang several times.Handwritten records from an inquest into the gunfight at the OK Corral have been discovered - decades after the account of the most famous shootout in Wild West history went missing.The 36 pages of yellowed and taped up documents were found in a dusty box in an old jail storeroom near Tombstone, the Arizona frontier town where the gun battle happened.It appeared to contain the beginning of testimony by William Claiborn, identified by a historian as a friend of the three dead outlaws.From left to right: Court clerk Denise Lundin, Arizona Secretary Of State Ken Bennett and Arizona State library director Gladys Ann Wells show off the newly found transcript from a coroner's inquest after the gunfight at the OK Corral'I was present on the afternoon of Oct.

The Earps soon learn that Tombstone is a lawless town without a marshal.

It details the shoot-out that made Wyatt Earp, shown right in 1885, a folk hero The fight entered Wild West folklore and has been the subject of films and books including the 1957 movie starring Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster.

It was documented in detail during the inquest, which cleared the Earps and Doc Holliday of any blame for gunning down brothers Frank and Tom Mc Laury and Bill Clanton.

A mother has slammed council chiefs after her dead son's star-shaped headstone was removed without her permission after just one complaint was made about it not being 'in keeping' with the rest of the cemetery.

Max's mother saved up £3,000 for a specially made headstone featuring a teddy bear holding a star inscribed with a tribute (pictured) but council bosses removed it as they say it is 'not in keeping' with the cemetery The council say that if they had received the the application for the stone within the usual time frame they would have told the stonemason they could not give it permission and prevented its installation.

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