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It must be insane once you start doing the publicity tours. Do you think people recognize you here, but are too cool to say anything? I had all these late fees at the video store, about worth, and the guys said that they'd forget the fines if I signed their poster.

Oh my god…for New Moon I was actually in Australia, which was cool. And right now for Breaking Dawn, well it's just starting. When I first got to set in downtown Vancouver I would walk around with New Moon and Eclipse, and girls would come up to me and say ‘Oh, you're reading that! When we were doing publicity the first time, for New Moon, it was the whole cast. But this time around it was Julia Jones, Alex Meraz and I.

It was fun, but..it once." After the holidays are over, it will only be a few more weeks until he's fully back in 'Twilight' mode.

The 35-year-old will head up to Vancouver in February to begin shooting 'Breaking Dawn' and stay until March.

Having no idea what had happened to him and struck by panic, he hid deep in the forest for two weeks.

Finally, he calmed down enough that he turned back into a human while he slept.

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Sam was raised on the Quileute reservation by his mother, Allison Uley.